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Banners and signage are great for making a sudden impact or advertising large corporate brands during specific events. We have had the pleasure in installing signage for the most iconic brands from across the World during events such as the London Marathon, Wimbledon and the Aegon Tennis International, Eastbourne.

Multi-Skilled Abseilers

Although we love our long standing installations, abseiling is a great solution for temporary installations on any structure or building fabric. These are often unique in type and shape and we have experience of designing and installing onto existing framework or building our own! Our multi-skilled abseilers apply a variety of traditional and modern techniques and materials in order to achieve results that even the client initially thought might not be possible.

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“I particularly appreciated their application of intelligent thought to find the most efficient, non-intrusive way of doing the job.”


Our Media Abseiling teams have the expertise, experience and access equipment to carry out some of the most unique and innovative signage installations in the UK.


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