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Large Format Wraps & Banners

The use of abseiling means large format banners can be installed quickly, cost effectively and most of all safely. We understand how important signage is to make an advertising impact and promote a product or company and our teams can activate quickly whilst adhering to all safety guidelines.

From Design To Installation

We take all our jobs seriously from smaller to huge banners and building wraps and our managers can be involved right from the initial concept and be on hand throughout the whole process. We are happy to liaise with other sectors directly in order to help make the job go as smoothly as possible.

Seeing Is Believing

Building wraps or large format banners are mostly fitted around scaffolding, which is often on building sites or hard to reach locations and arranging for powered access permits can be costly both time wise and price wise making abseiling a great and more environmentally-friendly alternative.

We can install onto existing framework or build our own to produce a stunning result that any client would be happy with.

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“I particularly appreciated their application of intelligent thought to find the most efficient, non-intrusive way of doing the job.”


Our Media Abseiling teams have the expertise, experience and access equipment to carry out some of the most unique and innovative signage installations in the UK.


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