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Vinyl Installation

Vinyl application by rope access is becoming more popular as our technicians can access otherwise impossible or hard to reach areas. Our teams have been the abseiling installers to win our clients TWO British Sign and Graphic Association (BSGA) awards for our vinyl applications on One Park Lane and also on the London Eye Capsules for the Rugby World Cup.

Will Vinyl Work?

We have applied vinyl to various surface types from windows and cladding but also more recently to brick. Vinyl has become a favourite amongst clients as it does not require other frame materials (i.e. wire frame, bungee cord) and therefore the price is purely based around the access and vinyl cost. This is often used as a more permanent feature or also as a temporary cover as it can generally be removed quickly and easily with no damage to the building fabric.

The WOW factor

We have specialist vinyl installers who have trained specifically in vinyl application in order to achieve some amazingly eye-catching displays. From black out vinyl on staircase windows, top London theatres displays and even the capsules on the London Eye, vinyl is a versatile product made even better through our ability to access high and awkward to reach places.

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